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Your Best Weekly Sanity Saver

Feb 08, 2022

When you open your master wedding “to-do” list, or what I call my Action Log, there can be so many tasks that it makes your head spin and have you running for the hills. Or worse, being faced with so many steps to take, it can cause you to take no steps at all. There is one sanity saver that is so simple, yet SO effective, to help you stay focused and in control each week from engagement to wedding day…

The beginning of every week, open your Action Log, and go through and pull out just the items that you want to complete THIS week alone. Write them down on a notepad, and keep them in your productive space. As soon as you complete an item, cross it off your weekly list, and record the updates on your Action Log. When the week is over, even if you haven’t completed everything, throw that list away because you’ll make a new one the following week.

If you focus on all the to-do items at once, and are constantly looking at all there is you haven’t done, it can cause you to feel instantly overwhelmed. Instead, by going through your list with the specific focus of only THIS week, you have control and purpose. Make this weekly sanity saver a habit and you will be organized all your months of planning!!

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