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5 Habits of a Calm and Confident Bride (Or Groom!)

Aug 29, 2022

#1 - They update their budget EVERY time they spend money or sign a contract

Nothing can make you feel overwhelmed or stressed out quicker than finances can. While planning a wedding you will be making a lot of purchases and paying many different companies. Falling behind in tracking what you spend will undoubtedly lead to stress and worry. It will leave you guessing if you are on budget and who you have paid. From the start, get in the habit of tracking everything penny you spend on the wedding, as you spend it. 

#2 - They take each large wedding planning task and break it down into small actions. 

Planning a wedding can be daunting, and you will have these very broad planning tasks - often found on your general planning checklist. As these planning tasks come up, break them down as specifically as possible. The broad task may seem daunting, but the small to dos will feel very manageable.

#3 - They begin each week by writing down all their “to dos” for that week only.

While planning a wedding, it is very easy to look ahead and get overwhelmed by all there is to do between now and the wedding date. In order to avoid feeling overwhelmed, start each week by writing down the wedding planning to dos for that week only. By staying focused and checking off items each week, you will remain clear and confident with what you need to do. 

#4 - They ask their fiancé if they want to have input on a decision (instead of assuming)

There are months of planning and hundreds of decisions to make, big and small, and one common mistake I see couples make is assuming your fiance does (or does not) want to have input on every single decision. This will stall progress and cause unnecessary stress on your relationship. With each decision that comes up, ask your fiance a simple question of whether they would like input that decision before it is made. 

#5 - They write down questions as they pop in their head instead of trying to remember

You will have so many unknowns and have so many questions as you plan your wedding. And questions will come to your mind at the most random times, and not necessarily need to be answered right away. Having a single place where you jot down every question as it comes to you will give you piece of mind that you won’t forget it and that you will get it answered. It is incredibly beneficial to your mental sanity to immediately get it out of your head and in to one location. You can cross off each question as it gets answered!

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