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I’m Amber and I’ve planned hundreds of weddings. But now I’m making my expert guidance available to any couple — through online courses, Q&A, workshops, and private video calls.

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The internet isn’t helping, is it?

You just want to plan your perfect wedding, but the more you google and scroll and pin, the more you become paralyzed. What started off feeling exciting and energizing quickly left you feeling worried, stressed, and insecure — the exact opposite of how you should feel during such a special time in your life. Unfortunately what I’ve seen is the more burdened someone feels while planning their wedding, the more those negative feelings show up on their wedding day.

You got this (and I got you)!

You are completely capable of planning your own wedding, millions do it every year. But I’m here to help you do it well. Here are some very common struggles that I’ve helped hundreds overcome for the last 15 years.

  • As soon as you got engaged you started feeling expectations and pressure
  • You’re getting bombarded with questions from friends and family
  • You have a full time job and this feels like adding another full time job
  • You don’t have hours to search the internet but see no alternative
  • You can’t envision your specific wedding because you’ve seen so many images of other weddings
  • Money and budgets are weighing on you and not something you're comfortable navigating
  • Staying organized and motivated may not be strengths of yours
  • You’ve never planned a once-in-a-lifetime event (and also been the person that the event is for)
  • You feel like you have to consider other people’s feelings and opinions with every decision
  • The weight of each decision and the amount of options makes it impossible to choose
  • You’re worried you’ll end up with a cookie cutter wedding and are constantly trying to figure out how to avoid that

Help from a planner — without having to hire one

I’ve stopped doing full-service wedding planning, and instead have completely transitioned to helping couples plan their own weddings well. I do this by…

Pick and choose what works best for you at this moment - and with everything I offer comes the Donewell Promise.

Meet Amber

Since 2007, Amber Weir has planned hundreds of weddings of every budget and style. Her favorite thing is helping couples discover how to celebrate their relationship in a unique and memorable way. All her knowledge and guidance is now accessible to you — without having to hire her as your wedding planner. Whether you meet with her privately or take her online courses, you'll enjoy having an expert equipping you with the skills and emotional tools to plan your wedding well.

More About Amber

There is so much great content to learn from! With three weeks up to my wedding, I am still referring to my notes I took during her class! With Amber, you are getting the best. I consider myself lucky to have been a part of her course - and so will you!

Kelsey M.

Dallas, TX

Prior to the course, my fiancé and I were completely lost and overwhelmed with wedding planning. From the time we were engaged, we felt behind and did not know where to start. The course helped us to realize our vision and get organized.

Samantha D.

Ann Arbor, MI

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