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To Favor or Not to Favor 

Feb 10, 2022

Wedding favors have a long history dating back to the 16th century. They can be sweet and fun, but every couple asks, “Do I really need to have favors?” And my answer 100% of the time: Absolutely not! Can you have them? Sure, but let’s dig down a little deeper to see if they are worth the expense for YOUR wedding. 

The number one question to ask yourself with favors is, “Is there an item that represents us as a couple?” What will happen if you pick a random item, no matter how sweet and cute, is that they will NOT make a lasting impression with your guests and will be often left behind. As a planner, I am often the last one out of a venue at the end of the night, and I cannot tell you how many times hundreds of favors were thrown away. 

If you can think of something that your guests would look at and instantly smile because it spoke to who you are and what you love, then it is without a doubt worth the expense. Do you have a favorite candy that you are always eating? Are you famous in our circle for your cookies? Is there a cultural traditional food or item that you would love to introduce to your guests? When it comes to all budget decisions, you want to focus on what is memorable and what represents you.

Can’t think of anything? That’s your answer! Skip the favor and use that money towards another aspect of your wedding that will make an impression. In my opinion, treating guests to an amazing meal and an evening of memories is the greatest gift!

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