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The Secret Tips To Feel Amazing While Trying On Wedding Dresses

Feb 24, 2022

Brides spend hours looking at dresses on the internet, searching for ones they love and what style might reflect their personality and wedding aesthetic. There are countless articles to help prepare, covering fabric, fit, neckline, appointments, etc. -  and while these articles are extremely helpful, missing are important steps to take to make sure YOU FEEL AMAZING while trying on dresses. How do you actually prepare your physical self to try on wedding dresses? Let me share with you my secrets - steps you should always take but are never talked about! 

Here is my ultimate checklist to preparing yourSELF for wedding dress shopping:


  1. Glam it up! - On the day you shop for a wedding dress, always go for a more glamorous version of yourself. Put on more makeup than you would on a normal day and style your hair as if you were going on a date. It doesn't have to be wedding day hair and makeup, just "damn, I'm hot" makeup and hair. Once you put that dress on, if you have not added a touch of glam, you will feel a little out of place wearing a gorgeous gown. Not only are you trying on dresses, but you are going to have your inner circle take photos of you in that dress. Looking back, it is easier to see how you will look on your wedding day if your hair and makeup more closely match the attire. 
  2. Bring heels - Unless you are getting married barefoot on the beach, you will most likely be wearing heels on your wedding day. It is hard to shop for wedding day shoes until you know what your dess will look like, but it is hard to determine how the dress will fit and drape without heels. Bring a pair of fantastic heels with you so that you can get a better picture of how the dress will drape on your wedding day. And even more than drape, we have all experienced how heels can make you stand taller and more confident!
  3. Get a pedicure - Brides are always incredibly attentive to their nails because everyone and anyone is looking at that beautiful new engagement ring. When you are dress shopping, you will be changing in and out of many dresses with the help of many people. It always feels better when your feet match your hands, so treat yourself to a pedicure before your day of dress shopping - which leads us to the next and potentially the most important tip...
  4. Wear beautiful underwear! - This is no ordinary “trying on” experience! You will be joined by someone in your inner circle and most likely by a sales attendant. Leave the old underwear and thong underwear at home. Splurge on some beautiful underwear with a medium coverage - Trust me, it makes all the difference in your comfort level!!

So, make the appointments, gather your inner circle, schedule the perfect shopping day, and follow these tips to feel like the beautiful bride you are while you try on dresses. Happy shopping! 

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