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Play with your Food!

Jan 03, 2022

I often watch couples as they start to make their menu selections and am always surprised when they become hesitant to choose food that excites them, instead choosing food they believe will please their crowd??? This is YOUR wedding! So, let’s go back to one of the fundamental ways to make your wedding unique - make choices that reflect you…this includes your food and beverage choices! 

Sit down with your fiance and go through some food and beverage related questions before you make menu selections:

  • What are our favorite things to eat when we go to a restaurant?
  • What foods have we loved eating at other weddings and events?
  • What's our favorite things to drink on the weekend or to celebrate?
  • What were our favorite things to eat growing up?
  • What are our comfort foods?
  • What are our ‘last meal’ foods?
  • What are things about the food or beverage at past weddings we have disliked?
  • What food did we eat on our first date?

Let these questions help get your taste buds excited and help you develop your food and beverage vision! 

Remember, you are treating your guests to an experience…your experience, so treat them to something they cannot make at home. It’s ok if they are slightly outside of their comfort zone! There is so much food and beverage served over the course of a wedding, that even if they don’t like a dish or drink, they will have plenty to eat and drink throughout the night. Serving things that reflect you as a couple will guarantee to make your wedding personal and memorable. 

Don’t be afraid to play with your food!!

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