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Play Their Favorite Song

Jan 07, 2022

One phenomenon I see happen to couples while planning their wedding, is that certain family and/or friends start to behave passive aggressively or sensational. This isn’t unusual! I literally see it with EVERY SINGLE couple. Why is this happening? It is happening because they want to feel involved and important, even if they do not recognize that that is their desire. So, I am always helping couples come up with creative ways to involve those closest to them in a simple yet fun way. 

One really easy way to involve those closest to you, is to get their song recommendations! Remember, you will have to select music not only for dancing, but also for pre-ceremony, cocktail hour, and dinner. Not only ask them what their favorite songs are, but also ask them why. You might hear an amazing story and learn more about those you love. Are you obligated to play all of their favorites? Absolutely not, but even the gesture of asking will make them feel important and involved. And, another huge bonus of this gesture, is that their ideas will also help spark yours when creating your wedding soundtrack. 

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