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Fun, unique, and useful wedding planning activities while stuck at home

Jan 23, 2021
  1. Wedding Soundtrack - Get your closest friends on a shared Spotify list and add songs over the weeks that would make an amazing reception playlist
  2. Wedding Party - Write personal letters to your wedding party to give them on your wedding day, letting them know how much they mean to you 
  3. Signature Cocktail - Be your own mixologist and create and test your perfect signature cocktail. What a better way to spend a Saturday night?!
  4. First Dance - Push back your furniture and practice your first dance
  5. Photography - Ask for photos of your parent’s & grandparent’s wedding and see if you can incorporate their special day in to yours 
  6. Honeymoon - Find Instagram accounts of people living, eating and drinking where you are honeymooning. Follow them to find the best of where to eat, where to drink, and what to do.
  7. Flowers - Research the meaning of flowers you both love and fit your wedding style. Make your wedding day flowers personalized by selecting thoughtful blooms to incorporate. 

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