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First Step in Creating Your Wedding Vision

Feb 07, 2022


Everyone dreams of having a wedding that is stunning and unique, but taking the first steps in developing your unique wedding vision can be daunting. It can be easy to go down the rabbit hole of endless pinterest images, and pretty soon you have pinned 100 images yet still not closer to identifying which ones actually represent your personal wedding style. Let’s take a different approach!!

I believe the very first step you should take to create your unique wedding vision is this: Journal to find your YOU! 

Before you look at Pinterest, before you pick up wedding magazines, sit down with your fiance and go through some simple, yet insightful, questions to get a better sense of your personal wedding style. 

  1. What colors do we love?
  2. What style are we drawn to in our daily life? (classic, boho, casual, rustic)
  3. What do my fiance’ and I love doing together on the weekends?
  4. What was unique about how my fiancé and I met?
  5. What about us as a couple stands out to our friends and family?
  6. What personality quirks drew us to each other?
  7. When I picture my guests sitting at their reception tables, what do I picture at that table? 
    • Are they round or rectangle?
    • Is there a lot of floral or are they casual?
    • Is there a linen on the table or are they wooden?
    • Is the dinner plated or are my guests passing food or moving around?
  8. Where do we picture our guests spending most of their time?
  9. What am I most excited for at the actual wedding?

You will be amazed at how asking these simple questions will jumpstart your wedding vision! Your answers will give you a better idea of your wedding style AND how to incorporate your personalities into this style. Make a date, grab snacks and your favorite beverage, and have fun getting to know your unique wedding style and personality!

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