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Building Your Design With Your Vendors

Apr 20, 2022

The WONDERFUL news is that you do not have to design your wedding alone! Designing a wedding is truly an evolution and done in collaboration with your team of trusted wedding professionals (your vendors). So how do you work with your vendors to create an original design?! 

First - Know your wedding outline

You will first need to share with your vendors your general wedding outline. What is a wedding outline? It’s the framework of your specific wedding. 

  • How many guests do you expect? 
  • Where will each event (ceremony, cocktail hour, reception ) take place? 
  • What is your overall wedding aesthetic? 
  • What is most important to you throughout your wedding?
  • What is your budget for each vendor? 

By sharing this information right away, it will give your vendors the framework to start proposing ideas. 

Next - Share your Pinterest inspiration board 

Share your carefully edited and curated Pinterest board with your vendors. This will give each of them an idea of your style and what you are drawn to. 

Finally - Schedule a walkthrough with each vendor at the location 

This is a gamechanger! Walk through your wedding location with each of your vendors. This is great to do in a group with a few vendors together at a time - vendors will give eachother ideas and confirm what is possible. By walking through your space together, you will be able to visualize ideas that they propose AND being in person makes idea sharing so much easier. 

Don’t feel like you have to tell vendors exactly what you want. They are the experts in their field and you carefully selected each one. By giving them your wedding outline and inspiration, you have set them up to propose design ideas that are custom and perfect for you!

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