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3 Ways to Involve an Anxious Parent or In-Law

Feb 21, 2022

Wedding planning can be tricky enough without a parent or soon to be in law that is particularly anxious. Or, even harder, one that wants to be involved but won’t tell you directly how or with what. This is a situation that comes up with almost every couple! 

Parents, especially in laws (ok, let’s say mother in laws to be exact!), often can feel like they don’t have a say or don’t have any control - a situation that may be somewhat new to them. They are excited but have nothing to do with all of that excitement. What will happen if you don’t address their emotional needs?  Your wedding planning relationship will become a passive aggressive situation with them wanting to be involved, but not wanting to tell you so. Nothing can be more frustrating (or irritating!). 

Let’s help them out! The best thing you can do is to give them - literally give them - a job to focus on for the months of planning. Below is a list of wonderful jobs that you can assign to a parent or in-law that will give them focus and a sense of involvement. 

  1. Welcome baskets
  2. Wedding day food for getting ready
  3. Rehearsal dinner
  4. Guest book table with photos
  5. Bridal shower
  6. Welcome reception
  7. Post wedding brunch
  8. Wedding bathroom baskets
  9. Pre-wedding spa day arrangements

By giving one of these jobs to a parent or in-law, does it mean you don’t have a say? Absolutely not! When you ask if they would like to be in charge of these projects, give them your specific vision, your absolute do’s and don'ts, and any expectations you might have. Set them up for success and set yourself up for a more relaxed planning relationship!

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