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3 Tips to Stay Organized with EVERY Vendor 

Feb 19, 2022

Building your wedding vendor dream team is an exciting process, and throughout the course of planning your wedding, you will most likely hire anywhere from 8 to 18 wedding vendors. These professionals will share their insight and their passion with you so that your wedding becomes everything you want it to be, BUT, it is so easy to become overwhelmed and disorganized with all of the vendor information. 

Here are 3 of my tried and true tips to ensure you are organized with each and every vendor you hire.

  1. Calendar Payment Reminder - Immediately create a calendar reminder for all payments due. As soon as you sign a contract with each vendor, create calendar reminders for all the payments due to that vendor between now and your wedding. I like to have the calendar reminder read “Payment Due - [Insert Vendor Name] - $[Insert Amount Due]. If the amount is one that will fluctuate until your guest count is finalized, simply hold that amount with a TBD. But don’t stop there! In the body of the reminder, put the preferred payment method (credit card, check, Venmo, etc.) and the details regarding that method, such as a mailing address or Venmo handle. Taking this 2 minute step with each vendor will ensure you never have to worry about missing a payment!
  2. Dedicated Folder - Create a folder on your computer for each of your vendors. This may seem like a lot, but it will allow you to keep track of every document for each vendor in an organized way. This folder will store your contract, your dedicated notes document to jot down what is discussed in each meeting, and all proposal revisions. 
  3. Vendor Information Spreadsheet - One of the best tools is a simple spreadsheet that will hold the contact information for all of your vendors in one place. You can use the template provided in the Weddings Donewell Course or create your own.  

If you follow these three tips with your wedding vendors, you will be organized every step of the way!

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