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2 Tips To Make Pinterest Your Best Tool

Jan 19, 2022

Pinterest is undoubtedly one of the best tools for building and sharing your wedding aesthetic and vision! But, I think we have all gone down the Pinterset rabbit hole of hours of pinning and boards that are diluted with images. Here are the top two tricks for using Pinterest in a way that is a powerful wedding planning tool

  1. Add a note EVERY time you pin an image - Each time you pin an image to your wedding board, add a note as to why you pinned that image. You may not like every detail about the image and instead just one element, so make sure you note why you liked the image you are pinning. This extra step will also ensure you are selective about choosing images. 
  2. Edit, edit, edit!!!! - Go through your wedding pinterest board (or boards) every couple of weeks and delete any images that are no longer applicable to your wedding or vision. In the beginning, you will pin a lot of images because you are building your vision. Once you have your vision more solidified, you will want to go back and delete any images you no longer need. Editing, your pinterest board will keep it relevant, helping both you see your vision and your vendors

A curated wedding pinterest board will allow you to share your ideas and looks you love with your most important vendors (i.e. florist, rental company, photographer, etc.) Following these simple tips will help keep it as a valuable resource and tool from engagement through wedding day. Happy Pinning!

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