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Course Introduction
Congratulations on your engagement! You're about to enter one of the most exciting times of your life - getting married. I'm here to teach you how to plan your own wedding. 
I'm Engaged, Now What? Looking at the big picture
The most important step in your wedding planning is the one that is most often skipped - looking at the big picture. Learn how to find your big picture and how to begin planning a wedding that is a reflection of you.
Your Wedding Budget - How to define, create, and manage your wedding finances
The topic of money can be daunting and overwhelming. Learn how to determine how much you can realistically spend on your wedding and how to have conversations around your wedding finances. Learn how to create a budget spreadsheet, how much you should spend in each wedding category, how to track your spending as you plan, and how to manage your wedding budget without the stress.
Wedding Wellbeing - Creating a Healthy Emotional Foundation
How do you begin to prepare yourself emotionally for planning a wedding? Let's create a healthy emotional foundation so that you can enjoy the wedding planning process, enjoy those around you, and enjoy your wedding day. You will learn how to prepare for difficult personalities, select who you should confide in, establish your emotional boundaries, and prepare yourself to make confident decisions.
Let's Get Organized - How to identify and manage your wedding planning tasks
The wedding planning tasks are many, but you will learn how to identify what actions you need to take, how to stay on top of your to do list, how to track your planning progress, how to manage all of your questions along the way, and how to to be in complete control of what needs to be done and when. Let's take the guess work out of organization!
Your Wedding Design - Finding Your "You"
A perfect wedding design is one that is a complete reflection of you, your fiancé and your relationship. Learn how to develop your wedding vision and style, how to find and manage your inspiration images, how to have a tailored Pinterest board, and how to share your design inspiration with others.



Taking Action - How to find your perfect wedding vendors
How do you even begin to find the right professionals for your wedding? Learn the tips & tricks of finding amazing vendors that will be the best fit for your wedding. Learn how to manage all of your vendor information and build your wedding dream team.
 Venue - Finding your perfect wedding location
Finding a wedding venue is the most anticipated step by couples. Learn how to find venues in your specific area and discover what type of venue best fits your budget and vision. Unpack the benefits and things to consider between Inclusive Properties, Private Estates, and Established Event Spaces so you can be confident in choosing your perfect venue.
Photography - Finding your perfect wedding photographer
After your wedding is over, what remains of that magical day is your wedding photos. We will look at how to find a photographer, what to prepare before you reach out to a photographer, and how to help them perfectly capture your day.
Entertainment - Finding your perfect wedding entertainment
Your entertainment creates the soundtrack to not just your reception, but your entire wedding day. Learn how to create your unique entertainment vision and discover things to consider when looking to hire a band and DJ.
Flowers - Finding your perfect wedding floral designer
The flowers at your wedding should reflect your wedding vision - they set the tone and feeling for your design. Learn what you need to know and prepare before you receive quotes from floral designs, how to clearly communicate your vision, how to describe your style, and how to select the floral designer that is perfect for you.
Food & Beverage - Creating Your Unique Wedding Menu
The food and beverage you serve at your wedding should be memorable and unique, reflecting your personality. Learn how to look for a caterer or work with your catering department, build a menu, customize your dishes, and make your food and beverage a reflection of you. Learn all the information you will need to prepare for your caterer to be successful on your wedding day.
Rentals - Selecting Rentals That Support Your Wedding Design & Style
Rentals at your wedding go beyond tables and chairs. Learn how to identify what you need to rent in order for your wedding to be successful in both function and design. Learn how to partner with your rental company to build a rental order and create a flawless wedding day.
Lighting & Draping - Creating your wedding ambiance
Lighting and draping are your design secret weapons, but audio/visual companies are so often overlooked. Learn how an audio visual company can elevate your design from good to great. Learn what audio visual companies can provide as well as how to get the biggest design impact for your budget.
Conclusion - Putting it all together
Congratulations on completing How to Plan Your Wedding Well!! You now have all of the tools and information to plan your wedding with confidence and complete control. Watch each lesson as many times as needed, don’t be afraid to go back and revisit the lessons if you need any refreshers during your wedding planning journey. By watching each lesson, using the templates, and taking all the time you need to really build your foundation and prepare to work with each vendor, you now know that your wedding day will be a perfect reflection of you, your fiancé, and your relationship. By taking time to prepare before you begin, and taking time to stay organized during the planning, you will ENJOY being engaged, ENJOY those around you, and ultimately, ENJOY your wedding day!! All my love, Amber  

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